Personal Training

Welcome! I'm Dominique! I'm a dedicated certified personal trainer with over 13 years of hands-on experience. My journey in fitness has led me to specialize in women's health, where I focus on enhancing strength and conditioning, improving cardiovascular endurance, and providing valuable nutrition guidance. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients feel strong and capable of doing anything they put their mind to!

My approach is inclusive of all ages, during all walks of life, including youth. What truly ignites my passion is assisting clients in setting balanced and attainable lifestyle goals that can be sustained through every season. Fitness isn't just about workouts, it's about crafting a fulfilling and healthy way of life. 

I'm currently pursuing a certification as a prenatal and postpartum health specialist, as it reflects my commitment to supporting women at every stage of their journey. Join me, and together we'll sculpt a path to a stronger, more vibrant you! 
ONLINE OFFERINGS (click on image for details or purchase):
Contact me at for a personalized online training program, nutrition guidance or to discuss in person training. 
Location: Macomb, MI 48042