Client Testimonials

"Before I started training with Dominique, working out was not in my routine. I’m generally an active person, but I’ve never been one to “work out”. I’ve tried gym memberships, I have the peloton, but still none of that was motivating enough to push through. I started training in September of 2022 consistently three days a week.

Outside of the gym, I set a goal to walk/run a few miles a day to maintain a healthy balance between cardio and strength training. Changing my diet has also been key to achieving my goals. More protein, healthy meals, and much less alcohol.

Dom has been my #1 cheerleader and I can confidently say that I would not be where I wanted to be without her support, giving me the extra push I needed to get to a place where I enjoy the lifestyle changes that I’ve made for myself." -SARAH D. Sept 2023.


"Dom is hands down the best trainer out there. I’ve always been one to work out but felt like I was never seeing results, Dom helped me change that entirely! I look forward going to the gym because I know she is going to have something good in store for my workout! She challenges me, pushes me, and cheers me. Not to mention she is so patient. Something I struggle with is the mind/muscle connection and Dom takes the time to help me with that and to make sure I’m working the right muscles.

My workout goals were always to be more toned, gain muscle, grow my booty, and to overall feel more confident. With the help of Dom I have been able to do all those things. I love looking at my before photos it reminds me how far I’ve come! 10/10 recommend!!" -LAUREN R. Sept 2023.


"I started my health & weight loss journey a year ago.  I knew Dominique through golf and her husband’s parents.  I followed her on IG and Facebook and realized she was a personal trainer, I wanted to reach out but was so afraid. I felt I was so out of shape I could never get in shape. Well, I made the leap and reached out to Dom... one of the best choices I've made in a long time.  She has been by my side since then, she was so patient with me in the beginning (we had to go very slow!)  She pushes me but gently, makes me want to go that extra rep or step with her encouragement. She has more faith in me then I do myself. She has taught/showed me benefits of training, and eating healthier rounded meals, that sleep is important.  I feel so much better than I did and wouldn't be where I am without her guidance!! Always a smile on her face!  Dom THANK YOU for taking me on as your client and even more for being a friend. I’m so happy I found you." -LISA R. Sept 2023